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12th International Conference: Thermal Treatment Of Waste – From Plans To Implementation

Conférence réservée aux professionnels
Du 17 novembre 2015 au 19 novembre 2015 à Cracovie - Pologne
Yet another, 12th edition of the International Conference entitled "Thermal treatment of waste - from plans to implementation" is upon us. Since ten years this event has been promoting an idea of sustainable thermal treatment of municipal waste as a key element of its management system and has also been, since 2007, accompanying the investment cycle regarding the construction of such facilities in Poland. The slogan of this year's conference, organized in the royal city of Kraków, is: "Eksploatację czas zacząć (Let us commence the operation)". The message of this slogan, which seemed almost elusive until now, is nowadays entirely attainable. The construction of six municipal waste incineration plants in Kraków, initiated as a part of the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013, is currently entering its final stage and the start-up is just around the corner.

However, making such a proudly-sounding slogan and long-awaited moment of commencing the operation of newly-constructed incineration plants come into fruition require an immense amount of responsibility. The operation needs to be commenced while being fully prepared, with participation of a versatilely-trained crew that has learned complicated -technologies related to incineration and energy recovery from waste. It needs to be guaranteed that a proper type of waste is delivered and it must be ascertained that the plant is reliable and available. It is also important to protect the environment and take all actions necessary to sort out any doubts and earn acceptance of a given local community. As we can see, challenges are galore. Are we adequately prepared and can we face them all? It is one of the most crucial questions that waste-to-energy experts will attempt to find an answer to during the conference.

Moreover, other issues will be discussed, such as rational needs, plans and development of further projects of incineration plant construction in the context of modern concept of circular economy. There are numerous significant issues, e.g. green certificates, effective treatment of solid process residues in the course of their stabilization and solidification or development of new processes and technologies. All these subjects are to be included in the conference program, prepared based on the experiences gained during many previous meetings. So, there will be no shortage of authors of remarkable papers and exhibitors and there will also be an opportunity to visit the Waste Ecological Incineration Plant being started-up in Kraków.


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