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Du 23 mai 2013 au 24 mai 2013
14th European Forum on Eco-innovation

Conférence grand public et professionnels / Gratuit
Lieu : Prague - Czech Republic
The theme of the forum is: Into clean air…Delivering innovative solutions for mobility, energy and ICT in cities. This event is jointly organised by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic and the European Commission’s Directorate General for Environment.

The Forum will explore how we overcome barriers to achieving cleaner air in our cities by presenting:
• the latest evidence on urban air quality and why it has assumed a high political priority
• examples of effective urban strategic planning
• innovative solutions harnessing change in mindsets
• innovative solutions to financing urban infrastructure programmes
• partnerships and networks with citizens that create a better quality of urban living
A specific session will be devoted to generating innovative ideas to solve real issues facing Czech cities.
The Forum provides an opportunity for participants from across Europe to inform the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership with key messages and actions.


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