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Hydro Forum 2005

Conférence réservée aux professionnels
Du 7 décembre 2005 au 9 décembre 2005 à Kliczkow - Pologne
Hydro Forum 2005 : Hydraulic machinery and equipment in hydropower and other industrial applications

Conférence internationale technique et scientifique sur l'hydroélectricité organisée par The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of the Pol. Ac. Sci. (IMP PAN), Polish Hydro Power Plants Association (TEW), Technical University of Lublin, Technical University of Wroclaw, du 7 au 9 décembre 2005.

HYDROFORUM conferences are a traditional venue of the representatives of industry as well as scientific and research & development centres. Although the weight point of the debate is set on the hydropower problems, its formula covers also hydraulic machinery applied in other fields of industry.
The basic goals of the Conference include:

 Exchange of expertise and opinions of participants within the conference scope;
 Presentation of results attained in research centres and validation of their scientific and practical significance;
 Definition of research directions reflecting the current needs of industry.

In view of the current debate on the future of Polish power industry, and especially its sector based on the renewable energy sources (RES) it is our intention to promote:

 integration of all persons dealing professionally with the hydropower industry or just supporting development of this sector;

actions oriented at the state authorities and the public opinion creative centres, aimed at acknowledgement of exceptional virtues of the hydropower sector and provision of appropriate conditions for its development


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Lieu de l'événement
Château de Kliczkow - Kliczkow - Pologne

 • Instytut Maszyn Przeplywowych PA
 • Téléphone : +48 58 341 12 71 ext. 139