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16th International Water Exhibition - 6. Environment Exhibition

Événement grand public et professionnels
Du 17 février 2004 au 20 février 2004 à Zaragoza - Espagne
This Show''s international projection, the market boom in a sector which is at a moment of great impetus, in both the field of innovation and business, make the International Water and Environment Show, SMAGUA a FORUM WHICH IS A PROFESSIONAL POINT OF REFERENCE FOR THE SECTOR.

Companies, professionals, specilised technicians, researchers... will once again have the opportunity to see and to exhibit state-of-the-art solutions, technologies, systems and equipment for water management from an integrated point of view, covering all of the processes which form part of the complete water cycle, from prospecting and discovery, to piping, transporting and processing it, as well as the optimisation of irrigation and environment management systems and techniques.

In short, a wide range of significant innovations in technology for water and environment management at the disposal of professionals, companies, environmental engineering companies, State departments.... in this great showcase of the water and environment industry which SMAGUA is in its own right.


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Lieu de l'événement
Zaragoza - Espagne

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