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Salon international de l'énergie éolienne 2004

Salon grand public et professionnels
Du 11 mai 2004 au 14 mai 2004 à Hambourg - Allemagne
Salon international de l'énergie éolienne 2004 (WindEnergy 2004 International Trade Fair) .

The WindEnergy 2004 International Trade Fair offers manufacturers and suppliers of wind energy systems, planners, finance institutes, measurement and certification bodies and experts from research and development the largest international platform for further expansion of their future fields of business.

WindEnergy 2004 has a unique position with its international cooperation partners EWEA, AWEA and InWEA, and its national partners VDMA and DEWI, thus covering almost the whole of the wind energy market worldwide.

Core subjects of the industry are core subjects of the fair
The core subjects of WindEnergy 2004 are export, internationalisation, offshore, the maritime industry, financing and insurance. The communication forum dialog@WindEnergy gives trade visitors vital details on the essential parameters in legislation, business situation and approvals, in the most important target markets of Europe, the USA, South America and Asia.

Program :
Provisional and planned supporting programme, status 02/2004, Subject to changes

May 11, 2004
DEWI Forum
Panel discussion
Country forums
Australia, Japan, China, India, Hungary
Exhibitor workshops
Practical solutions

May 12, 2004
DEWI Forum
Subject of the day: Maritime Industry, Offshore
Market and outlook

* Status of projects, realised or approval procedure being processed and timeframe now apparent
* Long-term planning in EU and worldwide
* Comparison of international legal basis / How could planning be realised?

Economic and legal significance

* Importance from viewpoint of manufacturers – taking account of turbine manufacturers, component

May 12, 2004 (continued)
* suppliers, planners, cable manufacturers and installers, transformer stations…
* Importance for the maritime industry – taking account of foundation manufacturers (shipyards), transport, assembly, service, maintenance, decommissioning
* Importance for the construction industry – taking account of direct involvement such as installation of foundations, drilling, ramming, assembly, etc., and indirect involvement, with the requirement for investment in new production facilities, etc.
* Infrastructure – taking account of grid connection including amount of wind energy share acceptable in the energy mix, and requirements for regulating energy, etc.
* Legal questions on the overall life cycle of an offshore project, from approval to decommissioning

Current technical development

* Keynote presentation
* Current status of offshore maritime development in the Netherlands
* Current status of offshore maritime development in the UK
* Current status of offshore maritime development in Denmark
* Current status of offshore maritime development in Germany

Country forums
Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, Austria, Belgium

Exhibitor workshops
Practical solutions

May 13, 2004
DEWI Forum
Subject of the day: Financing and Insurance

With presentations on financing, structuring, insurance, technical advisory services, certification for offshore and foreign investments.

Country forums
Italy, Turkey, Spain, Canada, USA, Brazil, Egypt, Greece, Slovakia

Exhibitor workshops
Practical solutions

The value chain in the wind industry (VDMA Power Transmission Engineering)
May 14, 2004
DEWI Forum
Subject of the day: Operation, Maintenance and Service

Country forums
Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania

Exhibitor workshops
Practical solutions

Further information is available from:
VWEW Energieverlag GmbH
Jana Kittelmann
+49 69 6304 324
+49 69 6304 459


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Lieu de l'événement
Hambourg - Allemagne