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Congrès international du recyclage des batteries

Événement réservée aux professionnels
Du 2 juin 2004 au 4 juin 2004 à Come - Italie
Battery technology has constantly progressed the last few years. The production of conventional batteries, such as alkaline dry cells, lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries, continues to be massive with several billions of units per year. In addition many new systems are invading the market. The nickel-metal hydride batteries are acquiring a prominent role for electronic and tool applications and the lithium-ion batteries are rapidly becoming the power sources of choice for sophisticated consumer electronics, e.g., notebooks and cellular phones. Finally, the increasing concern on the air quality in large urban areas has promoted the request of a rapid introduction on the road of low-emission vehicles and accordingly, fleets of electric cars are now in demonstration in various cities and the hybrid cars are assuming a progressively important role in the automobile market. All these new sectors rely on the development of advanced types of batteries which in fact are now produced on a large scale. This market booming has not yet been accompanied by a proper concern on the appropriate methods of collection, especially for what the new types of batteries are concerned. The disposal or recycling of batteries of different chemistries, size and environment impact which are presently in circulation in all parts of the world, are still far for being satisfactory. It is then of crucial importance to face the management of the spent batteries in all their aspects and problems. Although significant progress has been obtained in the past years in terms of collection programs and of recycling schemes of exhausted batteries, a lot is still to be achieved to reach an acceptable compromise between the cost and the efficiency of recycling.

This Congress, which comes as the ninth edition of a successful series, provides an unique opportunity for approaching this topic by offering a perfect forum where battery experts can meet and share their experiences, discuss and find suitable solutions to the problems that still prevent a proper treatment of spent batteries.

email : info@icm.ch
Tél : +41 56 664 72 50
Fax : +41 56 664 72 52


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Lieu de l'événement
Come - Italie

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