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Du 11 septembre 2013 au 13 septembre 2013
5th European River Restoration Conference

Conférence réservée aux professionnels / Lieu : Vienne - Autriche
Rivers and the waters they contain are the life blood of the European landscape but they need protection and restoration. This event provides an opportunity to share and learn about the successes and challenges of river restoration and be a part of the revival of rivers in Europe.

The Conference will provide:

- Exciting examples of practical efforts to restore the natural state and functioning of rivers and how this has improved flood risk management, river ecology, and supported green infrastructure and community development. Several sites along the Danube will be visited on inspiring field trip excursions.
- Exchange of expertise – about River Restoration from expert presentations, field trips to restoration sites, and workshop sessions
- Valuable networking opportunities – the ideal platform to meet and share ideas with like minded professionals and practitioners involved in protection and restoration of Europe’s rivers.


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