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Du 2 décembre 2014 au 3 décembre 2014
8th International Algae Congress

Salon grand public / Lieu : Gent - Belgique
Microalgae contain large amounts of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates, all of which can be used for different high end applications. Residual products can be sold as biofuels, reducing the cost of production. Biorefinery can ensure that quality products can be isolated and after that sold. Currently, many eyes are the biorefinery process and the developments aimed to obtain financial viable applications. During the 8th International Algae Congress these developments will be discussed.

Many pilots have started, the 8th IAC14 likes to give an overview of all European initiatives, what is the size and value of the starting "industry"? And finances are needed for upscaling, how to obtain them? What about the regulations and the cultivation rights for the upcoming business? Good advises of experts will be given during the two days in Belgium (Ghent).

The 8th International Algae Congress in Gent, Belgium will also address new developments in algae production and harvesting. Most ongoing projects utilize the classical biotechnology method. The cultivation of algae with CO2 and a food source. What possibilities does the new biotechnology bring to algae cultivation? Are we going to grow algae in the dark in the future in order to reduce costs?

The congress features sessions on:

· Status Quo: recent situation of the Algae Industry in Europe
· Regulations & cultivation rights
· Discussion: hetero /(mixotrophy ) versus autotrophy
· Downstream processing techniques of algae biomass
· Products from Microalgae
· Applications of Microalgae Technologies

Purpose of the congress

The aim of the 8th International Algae Congress is to develop benchmarking and exchange of best practice at
European / global level and to stimulate new partnerships between all stakeholders and actors involved. DLG supports the mandate it stands for; to promote technical and scientific progress in various agricultural segments. The conferences organised present innovative products, processes and services along the entire value chain.


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