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Du 27 novembre 2018 au 30 novembre 2018
Conférence : ERTC (Europe Refining Technology Conference)

Conférence grand public / Lieu : Cannes (06) - France
The refining and petrochemical industry in Europe is fast evolving despite many challenges being faced by competition from the Middle East and an overwhelming need to become more efficient and sustainable.

We are the market leader, present the latest and most up to date technology and services from the market and gather more refiners together in one place than any other event in the region.

Reasons to attend ERTC
- Benchmark your position in the industry and identify where your company fits amongst your competitors; know where you need to develop a strategy to enhance your position in the market.
- ERTC gathers everyone you need to meet from the EU downstream industry meaning you will save valuable time and money by meeting everyone you need under one roof in just 3 days.
- We developed new topics and guidelines in the call for papers to maintain the quality of the presentations and avoid commercial pitches.
- Taking place on the French Riviera in luxurious Cannes you will be able to enjoy the sunshine, upmarket boutiques and beautiful surroundings of this resort town.
- Get the real meaning of 4.0, get answers on your questions about the IMO sulphur cap regulation and discuss the future of biofuels all in one event!
- This is your opportunity to meet with more refiners and petrochemical producers than any other event across a variety of different networking formats. Also attended by technology companies, policy makers, consultants, IOCs and EPCs this truly is the largest downstream event in Europe!
- The ERTC 4.0 day brings software companies who will demonstrate how their innovative technologies can enhance business operations and create more value by improving performance and reliability
- We will be introducing new plenary sessions including Pulse of the Industry, Wrap-Up Panel and The Big Debate


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