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Conférence : facing climate change, turning urban challenges into opportunities

Conférence réservée aux professionnels - 20 mai 2015
Paris 7 - France
Focusing on resource efficient, smart, resilient and sustainable cities has become more than necessary, as their development will be a critical factor in facing up climate change consequences. This development can be enhanced by a common language and frames of reference developed by international organisations, associations or standardisation bodies.
The side event of the Business and Climate Summit will present some of these frames of reference like the ongoing standardisation work of ISO, CEN, AFNOR, etc. It will also explore the ways and mechanisms for common and convergent visions on Smart cities that condition the use and the impact of these frames of reference.
During the event UNEP will present its new initiative “ABC of Sustainable Cities”, a publication currently being prepared by UNEP and FIDIC, aiming to clarify broadly used terms and words in order to further support a common understanding and promotion of sustainable cities as well as the implementation of related sound policies.

This event is part of the 2015 climate week in Paris .

More on the Business and Climate Summit:
FIDIC is an official partner of the Business & Climate Summit (May 20-21, Paris). 200 days before UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, the May 20 – 21 Business & Climate Summit provides a unique forum for business and government leaders to demonstrate bold action, adopt forward-looking strategies and call for ambitious policies that will allow us to scale up solutions.


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Lieu de l'événement
MEDEF auditorium
55 Avenue Bosquet - Paris 7 - France

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