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Conférences Hydro 2015

Conférence grand public / Tarif : elegate: EUR 679-1200
Du 26 octobre 2015 au 28 octobre 2015 à Bordeaux (33) - France
The HYDRO series of conferences have become the largest international gatherings held in Europe for the hydro profession. The main emphasis each year is on encouraging the advancement of carefully planned hydropower plants in the less developed countries of Africa and Asia where there is vast unexploited potential, and the greatest need for new capacity .The international hydropower community will return to France next year, for HYDRO 2015.

Topics for HYDRO 2015 will include: progress and challenges for large regional schemes in developing countries, the importance of multipurpose developments, the role of mini hydro, ensuring the safety of water infrastructure, and maximizing the benefits of existing powerplants by timely refurbishment and upgrading.


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Lieu de l'événement
Congrès et Expositions Bordeaux
Rue Jean Samazeuilh - Bordeaux (33) - France

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