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25 juin 2013
Innovative and high quality LED lighting in cities - high profile examples in the EU

Conférence réservée aux professionnels / Lieu : Brussels - Belgium
Lighting accounts for 14% of the energy consumption in Europe. LED technologies are emerging but still need some strong and proven case studies to be rolled-out at a large scale.

To this end the EC co-financed 2 demonstration projects for lighting 8 prestigious areas and buildings around Europe reaching out to more than 13 millions visitors. The pilot projects demonstrate the high quality and flexibility LED offers as well as the energy savings and pollution reduction it brings about.

The focus of our event is to present the results and energy savings achieved by some of the 8 pilot buildings and cities that have installed innovative LED systems together with the solution-providers. You can download the programme here.

The locations of our pilot projects could not have a higher profile

- City Hall of Belfast

- Rotterdam Zoo

- Experimentarium (Danish Science Center)

- CretAquarium

- Lithuanian Sea Museum

- Porto Antico of Genoa

- Aquarium of Genova

- the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel


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