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Du 20 juin 2023 au 21 juin 2023
Seanergy 2023

Salon professionnel / Payant
Format : présentiel
Lieu : Paris -

The 6th edition of the international forum dedicated to offshore renewable energy brought together over three days +3000 international stakeholders (industrials, experts, researchers, institutions, etc.), +200 exhibitors from around the world, +80 speakers, and 500 B2B meetings. This reflects the acceleration dynamics underway in the industry, serving the energy transition towards a low-carbon world.

To continue this momentum, and to keep engaging with stakeholders in the sector, as well as playing its role as a unifying event of the Offshore Renewable Energy ecosystem, Seanergy 2023 will be held in Paris on June 20th & 21st.

Considering the strong global dynamics all over the world, Paris, as a true global hub, will facilitate the participation of a very large panel of economic and political decision-makers, to reflect together on the growth that is taking place for the industry, while allowing us to take stock of the issues specific to each region, in a collective and concerted manner.


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