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Du 19 mars 2013 au 22 mars 2013
SEP Green R-evolution Exhibition

Salon professionnel / Lieu : Padua - Italie
New technologies, climate change, research and innovation, environmental education, strategic management of waste, water, energy efficiency, low impact technologies, sustainable mobility. These themes, main focus of the European guidelines for the development of an industrial management green economy oriented, are object of exhibition, study, meetings, debates in this new edition of SEP, from 19 to 22 march, 2013.

In a moment where sustainability directs the choices of economy, the investment on innovation technologies becomes the essential instrument to relaunch entrepreneurship. SEP is a fair and communication project, which goal is to spread abroad the idea of sustainability. Organized together with companies and associations working in different sectors of the environment, SEP goes into actual themes with a wide international approach. Four days of meetings and studies on technologies and systems support the comparison on different management models and on market trends.


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