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The 4th European Forum on Eco-innovation: Unlocking global market opportunities

Conférence grand public et professionnels / Tarif : Gratuit
Du 31 janvier 2008 au 1 février 2008 à Vienne - Autriche
The 4th European Forum on Eco-Innovation, to be held in Vienna, will focus on ‘Unlocking global market opportunities’. The European Forums bring together business, policymakers, bankers and academics to share perspectives on environmental technologies. The objective is to enable Europe to build on best practice across Member States in the support of the EU Environmental Technology Action Plan (ETAP).
Eco-Innovation is a cornerstone of EU strategy, strongly supported by succeeding EU presidencies, and offers a major opportunity for the European economy.
Did you know that:
- The EU is a strong global player in eco industries with around 30% of overall world turnover, and more than 50% in water and waste management?
- That the whole environmental technology market is forecast to double by 2020 to some €2,300 billion. And that the current EU turnover is €227 billion, accounting for 2.2% of GDP and generating 3.4 million jobs…?
- In particular, the EU is championing eco-innovation practices in construction, food and drink, private transport and recycling.
 So how can EU companies improve further their position in the global market?

It is essential to stimulate eco-innovation and the take up of new environmental technologies and services on an even larger scale and quickly to build on current EU strengths. ETAP has set priorities in terms of increasing demand through green procurement, mobilising financial investments, focusing on sectors with high gains and sharing knowledge across Member States.
The Vienna Forum, organised jointly by Austria, Sweden and the European Commission, will review global markets. It will look at lessons learnt in the field of international co-operation, and will reflect on:
1. The relationships between domestic and global markets;
2. The need for policy instruments and what type of instruments;
3. How to promote exports from EU countries
Recommendations will provide a constructive view on the most urgent actions to be taken in the EU and what stakeholders can do to speed up these activities.
Attendance is upon registration only
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Lieu de l'événement
Austria Centre - Vienne - Autriche

 • Hananel Cédric