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Du 23 avril 2013 au 26 avril 2013
Wasser berlin international

Salon professionnel / Lieu : Berlin - Allemagne
– Trade Fair + Congress + Public Show – provides the perfect platform to bring supply and demand together at one location in Berlin.

The closely integrated trade show and congress represents our way of responding to new technical challenges in an extremely dynamic market. Beyond that, WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL has sharpened its profile as a world-leading exhibition for pipeline construction. Trenchless technology will be highlighted in 2013 as part of NO DIG Berlin and supplemented by the traditional construction site day hosted by Berlin Waterworks. Experience innovations and new perspectives at WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL.

The congress WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL features discussion forums with international experts on a variety of water-related topics. It is a capital investment exhibition for international water supply and is an ideal interface for theory and practice.

Product Range :
* Procurement of water
* Water and wastewater treatment
* Water distribution and wastewater discharge
* Pipeline Engineering
* Measuring, regulating, analysis technology
* Valves, pumps, suction systems, driving apparatus technology
* Surface water protection, ground water protection, soil protection
* Construction machinery, excavating machinery and equipment
* Information and communication technologies
* Flood protection
* Desalination
* Geothermic technologies


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