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23 septembre 2015
20th International Congress for Battery Recycling ICBR 2015

Salon professionnel / Lieu : Montreux (CH) - Suisse
The next top quality congress in battery recycling ICBR 2015 organized by ICM AG will take place from September 23 - 25, 2015 at the in beautiful Montreux, Switzerland.

ICBR is the event, which is worldwide recognized as the top conference in battery recycling technologies and marketing, where scientists, engineers, producers and recyclers meet to share their views and discuss their business. This unique congress cannot be missed by anyone involved in that field of growing importance and continuous evolution of battery recycling.

Over 200 international experts from industry, authorities and academia will discuss and present the following topics:
• Update of battery legislation in EU and worldwide
• Safety issues & transportation regulations
• Recycling efficiency
• The great future of LEV, EHV, PEHV and EV battery systems
• The success of Li-Ion batteries technologies
• Country reports on collection and recycling
• Best available technologies for battery recycling

An exhibition area is integrated into the conference facility, where vendors meet their clients. A cocktail reception and networking dinner create an excellent atmosphere to get in touch with business partners, colleagues and competitors.

The congress is also offering a plant tour to the leading battery recycling plant Batrec Industrie AG.


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