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Du 12 décembre 2012 au 13 décembre 2012
Barge to Business Conference

Conférence réservée aux professionnels / Lieu : Rotterdam - Pays-Bas
The Barge to Business Conference includes a series of lively panel debates and presentations covering a range of topics, from EU expanding existing markets and tapping into new markets, through technical progress in propulsion, to the level of strategic transport policy.

You will get the opportunity to hear first hand information and best practices from the field and to actively participate in the discussions.

The conference programme will include the following key issues in 4 sessions over two days:

* maritime hinterland transport & logistics chain optimisation
* bundling of continental cargo
* greening of transport, upcoming regulation and logistics innovation
* infrastructure plans for waterway transport incl. the impending Seine-Scheldt link, designed to be a major new water route between Paris and Rotterdam

Delegate participation is a strong theme of the conference, with many opportunities to ask questions and share knowledge and information during structured discussions, between presentations and over coffee breaks and lunch.

Over the next few weeks the conference programme will take further shape, so keep an eye on the Barge to Business website and see you in Rotterdam!


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