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Du 27 mai 2015 au 29 mai 2015
Conférence : heat pumps at the heart of the energy union

Conférence réservée aux professionnels / Lieu : Bruxelles (BE) - Belgique
Heat Pumps at the Heart of the Energy Union!
A high-level policy conference in Brussels

27 May 2015
You are cordially invited to the "Expert Workshop on Net Zero Energy Buildings" taking place at the Egg from 16.30 to 18.30 (register through the Forum's Registration form).

After that, let's celebrate EHPA's 15th anniversary with a "real" cocktail and dinner reception! Marie Donnelly will be there to share her views on the heat pump potential. And..more surprises will be there for you!

28 May 2015
Do not miss Dominique Ristori on EU HEating and Cooling Strategy!

29 May 2015
"Breaking our the barriers for the widespread use of natural refrigerants" Arno Kasch from DG Clima confirmed his participation as a keynote speaker so as to present the status of F-Gas Regulation and how are opportunities and challenges being tackled in this first stage of implementation (registrations here).


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