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Conference : Towards a Green Circular Economy

Conférence réservée aux professionnels - 29 septembre 2015
Bruxelles (BE) - Belgique
ACR+ and DSD are pleased to invite you to their conference entitled "Towards a Green Circular Economy: EPR and its role for post-consumer plastics" on 29 September 2015 in Brussels.

Over the last decades, the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has played a central role and has proven to be an effective policy tool to foster the recovery of plastic waste and the eco-design of products and therefore support a more sustainable management of post-consumer plastics.

However, the development of a Circular Economy for post-consumer plastics is no easy task, as it requires changes throughout the whole life-cycle of products and a constructive dialogue of all actors involved.

The conference will focus on the following questions:
- What is the role of consumers regarding sustainable management of plastics?
- What is the role of retailers, recyclers and producers?
- What are major barriers to the eco-design of plastics materials and products?
- How can high quality recycling be achieved?
- What is needed to boost the European market for secondary raw materials?
- Which political framework is required to fit post-consumer plastics into a Circular Economy?

In the context of the relaunch of the Circular Economy Package, the ACR+ / DSD conference will bring together experts from industry, politics, NGOs and science to discuss these questions, present best-practice examples and elaborate on the potentials of EPR implementation and sustainable management of post-consumer plastics.


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Lieu de l'événement
9:00 - 16:00
Palais des Académies
Rue Ducale 1 - Bruxelles (BE) - Belgique

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