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Energy Advice in Europe

Conférence réservée aux professionnels / 30 EUR - 12 novembre 2007
Paris - France
The SErENADE project is pleased to invite you to participate in the Energy Advice in Europe conference, to be held in Paris on November 12th 2007.

SErENADE is a European partnership project to share knowledge and experience in energy advice. Good quality, impartial energy advice has a central role to play in the achievement of sustainable energy objectives, and is crucial to the success of sustainable energy programmes of all kinds. Contrary to popular expectations, provision is not comprehensive or consistent across Europe, and much can be gained form learning from each other.

The conference will provide an opportunity for energy advice professionals, decision-makers, those interested in developing advice services and others to :
share experience,
display their own work,
see materials produced by others, including the launch of the SErENADE report on energy advice in Europe and online energy advice toolkit.

The programme will include presentations of examples of a variety of kinds of energy advice service, and round table discussions on issues such as impartiality, finance, evaluation, and advice methods. There will be plenty of opportunity for participation. We look forward to hearing YOUR views and experience.

Conference programme
Monday, November 12th

The conference will be in French and in English.

9.30 - Welcome
Speaker from ADEME (France)

9.45 - Energy advice in Europe : the SErENADE project and results of our European study
Catrin Maby, SWEA (United Kingdom)

10.00 - Presentation of the SErENADE toolkit
Christophe Mongrédien, CLER (France)

10.15 - Advice example 1 : the system of Energy Advice Centers in France
Speaker from ADEME (France)

10.30 - Advice example 2 : energy advice in Slovenia
Marjana Sijance Zavrl, ZRMK (Slovenia)

10.45 - Questions

11.00 - Break

11.20 - Round table and debate 1 : The costs and benefits of energy advice
Issues : who pays, commercial impartiality and independence, financing options, evaluation of results and outcomes.
Presentations :
* Overview of financing options : Raphaël Claustre, CLER (France),
* Large scale evaluation : Andrew Benfield, EST (United Kingdom),
* Advice service paid by clients : Dr. Holger Krawinkel, German consumer organisation Fachbereichsleiter Bauen, Energie, Umwelt (Germany).

12.45 - Lunch

14.30 - Advice example 3 : Energy Agency in Sweden
Åsa Olsson, Swedish Energy Agency (Sweden)

14.45 - Advice example 4 : Milieu Central, Netherlands
Chris Bruijne, SenterNovem (Netherlands)

15.00 - Questions

15.15 - Round table and debate 2 : The scope and boundaries of energy advice
Issues : meeting expectations of advice, focussing on single categories (such as households) or all types of consumer, way to reach a variety of clients, covering the right range of topics.
Presentations :
* Ensure coverage of SMEs : Christine Öhlinger, ESV (Austria),
* Comprehensive approach : Gunnar Boye Olesen, Energy Service Denmark (Denmark),
* Mobility agency : Gilles Boisvert, Mobility Agency of Chambéry (France).

16.30 - Energy advice and European Union
Ronald Bailey, European Commission

16.45 - Conclusion

17.00 - End of the conference

Registration :

The participation fee is 30 €.
It includes lunch and coffee breaks.

In French: http://www.energy-advice.org/article.php3?id_article=403


Lieu de l'événement
Paris - France

 • Soumeryn-Schmit Olivier

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