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Du 5 juin 2012 au 8 juin 2012
Salon Energy Lebanon

Salon professionnel / Lieu : Beirut - Liban
The Single Largest Provider of Energy Solutions for Lebanon and All the Levant

The 2012 edition of Energy Lebanon is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy and Water at BIEL in Beirut on 5 - 8 June 2012.

Building on the huge success of the previous edition, Energy Lebanon has evolved into one of the largest and most specialized exhibitions in the region dedicated solely to energy and clearly partitioned to cover all aspects of the sector, including Electricity, Water Technology, Lighting & HVAC

Energy Lebanon 2012 addresses all the energy needs of the construction and development sectors, including large industrial and commercial projects, various infrastructure projects, buildings and housing, thanks to a comprehensive range of products and services such as: electricity production and distribution;modern lighting products and technologies; ventilation, cooling and airconditioning; and many more.

Renewable energies and sustainable solutions will also be featured in the first ever edition of EcOrient 2012, The International Trade Exhibition & Conference for Environmental Technologies, Sustainability, Alternative Energy, Water Technology and Clean Energy.


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