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27 février 2024
Webinar. Battery production and recycling, business opportunities in Poland (in English)

Conférence réservée aux professionnels / Gratuit
Format : distanciel

Online event

As the world races towards a greener future, the role of batteries in powering electric vehicles, renewable energy storage systems, and portable electronics has become more pivotal than ever. At the same time, a circular economy means that we need to focus more on recycling. We cordially invite you to a webinar “Battery production and recycling in Poland – Business opportunities” – a compendium of knowledge about the legal aspects of the Polish battery market and the transport and recycling of batteries.

What will we talk about

We will talk about how this market looks at present, as well as its prospects for development. We will also talk about the legal aspects of the investment process for projects in this field, as well as the challenges of the new EU regulations relating to the battery market.

During the webinar, participants will have an opportunity to learn about the use of state aid schemes for battery producers and the impact of this aid on the entities involved in the entire lifecycle of batteries, from their production, marketing, use, and recycling to their disposal. The webinar will feature the launch of the Battery Market Investment Report.

For whom

The webinar is aimed at foreign investors, international entities and all those who are interested in investing in the Polish market in ventures related to the production, transport or recycling of batteries. Poland plays a leading role in the battery supply chain, being the second largest producer in the world. According to experts, global production capacity for lithium-ion batteries will increase up to eightfold over the next five years.


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